New South River Baptist Association
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
World Missions At Our Doorstep

NSRBA Bylaws

The New South River Baptist Association functions through the "Team System." This approach is reflected in our Bylaws. Our current Bylaws were approved on July 23, 2013 by the Messengers of the New South River Baptist Association Messenger Meeting and are available by clicking here.

The following diagram is provided to illustrate the structure and flow of the New South River Baptist Association and our "Team System" it is available by clicking here.


OUR FLOW: All that we do flows out of the Biblical mandate (Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8) of seeking to enhance and expand the Kingdom of God, by functioning through our Team System built on our Churches, and flowing back to exalting Holy God.

OUR FOUNDATION: Our Association stands on the churches that come together to make-up the New South River Baptist Association.

OUR FUNCTIONING: We use the “Team Concept” to create a dynamic and free flowing organization which lives and seeks out the most effective and efficient means and methods of accomplishing our Mission, Purpose, and Vision.

1.    Associational Leadership Team

Associational Director of Missions, Associational Ministerial Staff, Associational Moderator, Associational Ministry Team Leaders/Coordinators/Directors, Associational Moderator Appointed

2.    Associational Staff

Associational Director of Missions, Associate Associational Director of Missions

3.    Associational Officers

Associational Moderator, Associational Vice-Moderator, Recorder, Assistant Recorder, Clerk, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Historian

4.    Associational Administration Teams

Personnel, Budget and Finance, By-Laws and Policy, Property

5.    Associational Ministry Coordinator

Youth, Senior Adults, Evangelism, Discipleship/Stewardship, Sunday School/Small Groups

6.    Associational Ministry Support Teams:

Membership, Charles A. Stevens Ministerial Scholarship, Ministerial Emergency Support

7.    Associational Mission Teams:

Acts 1:8, Associational Brotherhood, Associational Women’s Missionary Union, New Work