New South River Baptist Association
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
World Missions At Our Doorstep

Rev. Robert Ivey, Associate Director

2015 Associate Director of Missions Annual Report

                    As I look back through my calendar, I am reminded of many of the wonderful celebrations and events that took part within the New South River Baptist Association this past year. As always the calendar is filled with worship services in our churches and association wide events that celebrate missions and ministry in our association and throughout North America and the world. I and Dr. White are both very thankful for the opportunity to be part of these happenings and for all the leaders who invested time to plan and lead out in each activity.

             My calendar also reminds me of the opportunities that Dr. White and I have had this past year to work with several of our churches during times of “transition.” All of us hear constantly about how fast times are changing and the impact that these changes are having on our culture and country.  These changes are also having a great impact on and in the local area churches.  Dr. White and I have had the privilege to be able to help several of our churches negotiate through some of the waters of transition that have come about because of many of these changes in areas like: a new pastor, a new Bible study structure, new church schedules, etc… It is in areas like these that churches often fail to make successful transitions that lead to churches missing great opportunities for change that can lead them to be able to truly impact their community. 

             My calendar for 2015 is already beginning to fill with the celebrations and events that will once again seek to bring together people from across our association to be enriched and encouraged in our worship, witness, walk, and work for Jesus Christ. But I am also excited about what is not on my calendar for 2015. I am excited about being part of a new movement of Holy God in our presence. I am looking forward to working with more of our churches who are experiencing revival and renewal. I am looking forward to serving with pastors who are being obedient to the LORD in reaching out to those outside of the walls of church buildings and making a difference in their communities.   

             My prayer that I ask you to join me in for the coming year is that this year will not be just another year marked by events and meetings.  But, that 2015 will be the year New South River Baptist Association experiences a movement of Holy Jehovah in our midst, and that we will live out the words of the prophet Isaiah, I long for You in the night; yes, my spirit within me diligently seeks You…(Isaiah 26:9a, HCSB).

            I continue to be honored to serve with you in the NSRBA.

 Serving our Great Savior,

Robert D. Ivey