New South River Baptist Association
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
World Missions At Our Doorstep

Dr. Randy White, Director of Missions

Dr. C. Randy White
Executive Director


               Dr. Billy Graham tells the story of being a young man who grew up on a dairy farm, which entailed him and his family having to get up early every day to milk the cows. One morning the family clock failed to go off and when the young Billy Graham woke and saw the sun shining outside he knew something was wrong.  Immediately he begin running through the house yelling at everyone, “Wake-up, Wake-up, it has never been this late before!”

             While most of us today are not late waking up to milk the cows, I am afraid that much of the Body of Christ today is late waking up to what is happening in our communities, country, and culture. I regularly read polling information that reveals how vastly different attitudes and actions of our population are today compared to what most would consider “traditional Biblical views” held only a few years ago. We are failing to see the vastness of the lostness in our own “Jerusalem’s.”  This was brought home to me recently as I was reviewing some of the latest demographic information on our area. I discovered one specific area with a population of hundreds of people that is within three miles of the five largest churches in the city of Fayetteville and research indicates that between 70-75% of the people living in this area are unchurched.

             These types of statistics have greatly burdened my heart and brought me to the realization that even with all that we are currently doing we are never going to be able to truly impact our surroundings until we ourselves are first truly impacted by the truth that we serve a holy God who seeks to use us to accomplish His will. As much as He desires to draw the lost to Himself, today, I believe that He wants to draw His children to Himself in an even greater movement.

             For the last three years each Wednesday at 12 o’clock noon I have been gathering with any pastor who will join me in prayer for revival for our nation. Out of this time I am now being led to lead our churches to a specific time of prayer, fasting, and holy assembly. In my forty plus years of ministry I have never sensed such a strong desire of God to call His children to a closer relationship with Him. This has led us to the theme of our Annual Meeting this year, BLOW THE TRUMPET, using Joel 2:12, Blow the trumpet in Zion! Announce a sacred fast; proclaim an assembly.

             During our meeting you will be hearing more about this Solemn Assembly, as well as other up-coming events in 2015 such as: Regional Prayer Conference and an Intentional Evangelistic Church Strategy Conference.  All times that I believe God wants to use to draw us closer to Him. I ask you to join me in praying for this fresh new encounter with Him. Let us pray that it will make a real difference in how we live for Him that we may then begin to make a real difference in the lives of those who are currently living and who will soon be living in our community.


C. Randy White